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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Guide to Glowing Skin and a Red Lip | Beauty Secrets

  Guide to Glowing Skin and a Red Lip | Beauty Secrets 

hello today
I will show you my skin care procedure,
then I do makeup.
So I got out of the shower and dampened my hair.
When my hair was wet,
to get into a nice curved shape
I tied it with a rope
before doing makeup
good dry.
Open it.
Then you turn the other side in the same direction.
I think they are also good,
they are like little winds.
So now I will wash my face.
I use Omorovich Cashmere Cleanser.
Therefore I love those who are pure in heart,
because most of the time,
A moisturizing agent in cleansing can remove your skin from the body.
When I put in the cleaner,
for my skin is given to me,
you can exfoliate your skin wherever you go
It strengthens your face.
This is similar to videos you can use.
But I only use it with my fingers
So I go that way.
Then I pull it like that, up.
This, then, if you go to the temples,
like your face.
So this brightens your skin.
I remember as a child,
I followed the example of my friends
and they use all that
Washing boots and stuff,
and he was very confused about my skin.
I was actually sitting on my bed,
and searches for various leather goods,
and I tried many things.
I like to put in a bottle of honey,
I have set it before you all,
and I just paint my face,
my face turned a bright orange in about three days.
I look like him, but he says he will help her too.
And now I feel like I've done all this,
everything seems to be settled, and I'm fine
little better to know what worked for me.
I feel it works.
So this is a fighting feature.
You can use it day and night,
and put it on your face,
and prohibitions on this basis.
But like this fragrance,
I can't describe the smell.
It's very clean.
You must use a feather board,
but with both makeup and skin, I use my hands.
For my skin is bad,
I am greatly troubled by his breakdown,
and he likes to sit on it.
So I get extremely enthusiastic about keeping my skin clean.
That means I overuse it.
I put this on twice a day.
I think you should use this once a day.
So this is magic.
It is like an antibacterial,
and will only be kept,
do not spread if you have spots and objects.
It’s about working with my favorite skin
I have never forgiven
or touch me in my life.
I use it now in skin care,
at the end of my skin,
and over my make-up.
All day
So two serums.
This, too, is a prophylactic anti-Blyshka helper,
I only add two drops to this drop,
This is also a complex adjustment.
To the end, I only work as a moisturizer.
This is Valmont too.
All these products are good,
as long as they like it,
you can see my favorite change instantly,
because I am impatient.
I especially like dewy, light skin,
Now I show you,
i like light and make it really moist.
I have never used powder.
Most people want to quit,
No matter how bright I am,
I'm just light.
I like bags, and I usually can't
try hard.
“I think the bags are good.
This is the sunscreen for daily use,
not only when in the sun.
Although I use it in London
we do not have the sun.
, And to sum it all up
before applying makeup.
My dog   feels yellow,
good because most of the time,
sun creams look like a thick cream.
My dog   is amazed at this,
even if it is made of leather,
and very expensive, expensive,
I'm so scared, so I never used it,
and that is good, it inspires me
taking care of my skin, protecting myself from the sun.
Okay, so a little
I am very happy.
I would rather work with my skin than do it myself,
but it makes me very happy
how do i show my makeup to boys.
For starters, I use MAC Prep and Prime.
They all do the same thing,
but only the scent of lavender is good.
You use it before and after.
So you only need one thing.
But this is the basis of the skin.
This honey is called the moon.
That's fine.
It is basically like honey.
So I just put it on my fingers.
I don’t feel it when I put it on for the first time.
However, when it begins to sink,
he is very handsome and looks good on the skin,
and it fits well with makeup.
Good reason to use primer,
not only spray,
of any cells by applying primer first
helps balance balance,
especially here because I have holes here,
if I don't apply the primer, you can still see it.
This is a relief
I use it to a minimum, and I rub it on my hands.
I, and then I go.
Always right, he changes it
About BB cream,
because it is very small.
But it is very soft.
I have a certain taste that I have never hidden
because I think that's good.
But I have things like small pieces here,
it is the same color.
It took me a long time to find the right secret.
And I used very good concealment,
but they are not good for the skin at all.
This is a good coverage, good for the skin.
Really it is really light and does not shrink on the skin.
I see that it doesn't hurt.
With a blush, and I don’t know
skin care professionals will tell me this is really bad,
but I never used blush,
I use lipstick.
Usually I like to match my cheeks to my lips,
and I also like that it's smooth,
and how it goes.
Big smile.
Then I follow that path.
Look, I've always seen these little dots look so beautiful,
then I have to wipe them.
Sometimes I don’t do makeup
then shame on me i'll do it
shame sometimes seems unnatural,
because I think it looks great,
and I like to have the sun set.
This is a Burberry Contour stick in a very dark shade.
I think people liked it
when I do experimental makeup.
But now I’m frustrated with it.
So, this is Glosser Highlight.
But I have a lot of makeup,
and I do it differently every day.
Or I use the same process,
but with different products.
Because I use my fingers a lot,
I only use light on my fingers,
then rub my fingers together
just like I did with redness.
My dad would always make me that way.
I don't know, she was always beautiful,
and I started watching.
Because I didn’t recognize them.
or things like that, as if I didn't want to hide it,
and here I am, my roots here.
Even though it doesn’t look like my skin
beautiful and flawless,
I think they are really good.
These are Glosser's eyebrows.
It’s really hidden.
Eyebrows like this can completely change your face,
and he sets me free.
I like my eyebrows
by nature
same color,
and of the same size,
like, I fill it up a little, a little bit.
That's right.
Then when I get down, you take it down.
But you want to publish them
to lead everything in one direction,
then dream.
Things I got from my mom
closely related to fashion and clothing,
however, I have this memory
sat in the pit, and he made a red lipstick.
When I was growing up, she always wore a red lip,
She had black hair and red lips.
Of course, I like to make red lipstick
because it was the first time
I saw what I was doing.
So I have three types of lips
I never made a simple cup,
I never made a naked husband.
This is my daily lip color.
Or a little simpler.
It's like a bright red,
but it turns out, like a pale.
So usually I use a pale color.
Then I use it as a blush.
Or I'll work red.
So I will use red in liner and lipstick.
I take more time to do that.
I put it on,
and I often leave the house with a red mouth,
and return home with this color
because I can't worry
go to the toilet and work,
holding a lot of red lips.
Again, this is deliberately dark brown, completely dark,
and sometimes I like to do it
I have really light eyes, so I feel that way
if i had very little makeup
no mascara and then like a dark brown.
That’s why I like to make small vibrations
My only rotation.
Chanel Lipstick.
I almost always have something on my lips,
I feel cold.
Decisions, I will make red.
We are not going straight.
So I always start with a bow.
I decide to follow that pigment there though.
Sometimes I do the makeup myself.
Today I will take the form.
I usually make some roads that go in.
Then I made a lip frame,
I go and press one corner of my mouth,
then take it.
So I like to do my makeup,
see what I want to do next.
But maybe I would do that,
then add more, this is the right color
with my lips.
Because one was a little colored.
That may be the reason why they work so hard.
What kind of mascara I use is also not specified.
My way of trembling,
I follow this line of reasoning.
So I adapt to that.
If my thoughts were not perfect,
it does not break my heart.
cut my hair.
I think I did.
So look at what it looks like with sea hair.
So today was not a red day, we decided now.
Today is a brown day.
Yes, I change, I add and I change
several times.
So I do not use flour,
but I like to look shiny,
this is good to carry in your purse,
and they, you can get them from different brands.
Basically, you just pull it out,
and then, look, you can see all the oil.
This is a paper.
It only takes the right amount of fat
to fix.
Behold, it looked for water,
but it just doesn't look fat.
Two drunks, MAC.
After that Coeur de Lis sprinkles.
It's me
Goodbye, thank you.

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